Thursday, November 8, 2007

San Diego, California - The 3-Day - Checked In to Portofino

Made it to the hotel after a beautiful ride on 101 with Cloud 9 Shuttle driver Robert Bowen. Rob was born in Salano Beach. His dad moved here from Illinois after WW2 and worked as a life guard. Mom still owns a house here. They bought it for $20k and it is now worth well over a million. Mom doesn't care because she doesn't want to move.
Tymm is the manager of the hotel. His mother liked y and named his sister Clairlyn. His 3rd x wife walked in the 3Day two years ago and slept for a day and a half when it was over. He bought the same sleeping mattress as I did but his is only an inch and three quarters. He has been a member of REI for 20 years now and thinks that their brandname products are better than the big name brands for less money. He used to hike a lot and is getting back into it. Kamul, the night guy, is going to have a continental breakfast for the walkers in the morning and Tymm might just come in to help. (but dont tell Kamul because its a surprise) And he is not going to remarry again. Just not going to play that game anymore. (did I ask??)
He told me where to go to get a good pasta meal and to mention him and I might get a discount. I said "or you might get a freebie (meaning a meal)" he said they don't ever give him freebies but the place next door, which is closed for a month, does occasionally send over coleslaw and a sandwich.
All this in five minutes time. I'm exhausted already.

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