Thursday, July 28, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona - Taipei Youth Folk Sports Performance

The Taipei Youth Folk Sports Performance group performed at the Kroc Center in Phoenix as part of the Sister Cities celebration.  The group of 27 performers and 13 delegates from Taipei, Taiwan came to Phoenix to celebrate 37 years of friendship between Phoenix and Taipei.

"Rope Skipping" became more and more complicated.

The group performed folk dances.

This is called "Taiwanese Diabolo Spinning".  The purple disk spun on a rope and the performers would swing them up and down and toss them high in the air.


This boy had three of them going at the same time. He is waiting for the one that he tossed in the air to come down.

Folk Dances.

 They showed some fancy footwork with a "Shuttlecock", the thing that you hit over the net in badminton.
 Add a hoop to make it more difficult.

 Swirl long pieces of material while kicking the shuttlecock.
 And stack on your friend!
 Folk dancers.
 A drum routine.

 Drumming on the plates.
 Glow in the dark diabolo plus long colorful tubes.
 Warrior folk dance.
 Long sheets of fabric.  They fluffed and lifted and moved.
 And displayed this pattern!
 One more photo of the shuttlecock routine. Do not try this at home unsupervised!

The Phoenix Sister Cities organization partners with our sister cities for performances and events throughout the year.  There is a youth ambassador program. I sat next to one high school student who was a US Ambassador and she loved the program.  Our sister cities are:
Calgary, Canada
Catania, Italy
Chengdu, China
Ennis, Ireland
Grenoble, France
Hermosillo, Mexico
Himeji, Japan
Prague, Czech Republic
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Taipai, Taiwan

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