Sunday, August 24, 2014

Payson, Arizona - Shoofly Village Ruin

The Shoofly Village Ruin is located just outside of Payson. It was occupied between 1000 and 1200 AD.  It contains over 80 ruins and housed as many as 250 people.  The entire complex was surrounded by a large stone wall, the remains are still visible today.  The ruins show several different styles of architecture.  I've taken photos of the informational signs and the area described on the signs so that you know what I know.  I didn't do additional research on this site.  This is a large group of photos.  I posted a lot so that you could see the ruins and also the beautiful views from the site. This is on top of a mesa.  The photos of the trees show the overall view of the tree, a close up of the details on the trunk and needles.  Most of the trees appeared to be pine.  (Now that the photos are posted, I will check with my local expertise to get the names of the particular trees. I will update the post and resend.)

 Mr. C commented that these rocks are from different ridges in the area and provide a great sampling of the different types.

 A new tree!

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