Saturday, August 23, 2014

Payson, Arizona - Payson Pioneer Cemetery

I was up at dawn to see if I could photograph a misty Pioneer Cemetery.  I didn't get mist but the light was nice and I enjoyed a stroll through this old historic graveyard.

I also wanted to take some photos to include in the wikipedia page for this location.

This is the main entrance from the street. The sign requests that you close the gate when you enter.  Dogs are not allowed in.

 Many thanks to the volunteers and staff who have prepared a listing so that it is easier to find a marker if you are searching.

I liked the look and color of the stones in the steps.

 I wasn't looking for a particular person. Here are seem photos from my small walk through.  It was well maintained and cared for.  I did not notice any destruction of the older headstones.  There were a large variety of settings.

 The wild flowers that grow throughout the property are very pretty.

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