Sunday, May 18, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - City at Night

A fellow photographer set up a Sunday night sunset tour of Phoenix.  We met at the Arizona Center and started walking.

Our destination was "Civic Space Park" and the air sculpture by Janet Echelman.  The park is located between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue, just north of the Van Buren Metro stop.  Our timing was very close to perfect as we were there for the "golden hour" in Phoenix, that magic time about an hour before the sun sets.  The light is incredible.  Look at the two photos below.  The top one shows the colors with the golden light, and the second one shows the colors after the sun has set.

 Our goal was to photograph the air sculpture "Her Secret is Patience".  This high flying sculpture was commissioned by the City of Phoenix and designed by Janet Echelman.  In the daylight, the sculpture is very interesting, floating above the park.
 We patiently waited and chatted, and were rewarded with awesome colors and designs.
This view is looking south at downtown Phoenix.
 These views give a perspective from underneath the sculpture.

We returned to the Arizona Center, played more with night photography, capped the night off with iced tea at a local restaurant.  We took the scenic walk through the Arizona Center park and returned to the parking garage.  Another fun night of photography.
If you want to know more about the sculpture, click here.

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