Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - Matsuri - Sushi Maker and Taiko Drums

Why doesn't "make your own sushi" appeal to me?  I really have no desire although I really like sushi at a restaurant.  Now that I have seen this little "sushi kit", perhaps I will change my mind.

 The man showed that this kit comes with two sizes of sushi forms
 You take out the size that you want (there are probably rules to this) and get your seaweed sheet.  Where does one buy a seaweed sheet?  Do they come in packs of 12? Probably not, since US is the only place left on earth that does not deal with things in groups of 10.  I did get a little distracted by the black and gold bowl with the red inside glaze.  VERY NICE!
 Everything lines up and you are good to go!  I am still not convinced that this is something that I want to do.  I seem to recall that my sister took a class in this.  It had to be her. Who else?
 I was then distracted (again) by the sound of the taiko drums and went to find the stage.  I love these performances, love the red.  Red clothes and drums.  It just doesn't get any better than this.

 I like the drama and the synchronization.
  Ohhh, and red lanterns.  Very cool.  I like all of this and my mind was drifting off on all of the possibilities of developing a new skill.
Of course, I was thrilled when I saw the sign advertising "Taiko Drums Classes Are here."  I will consider this!  I am sure that the neighbors will enjoy my practice sessions.

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