Saturday, February 8, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - Chengdu Concert

Chengdu is Phoenix's Sister City and a delegation of artists traveled to Phoenix to celebrate Chinese New Year. The concert was held at Arcadia High School.  The entertainers had a wide variety of styles to demonstrate the different periods in China's history.  I arrived early to get a good seat near the front.  These are taken with my point and shoot camera so that I could be discrete during the show.

Qiang Ethnic Song and Dance: Wonderful Music of Qiang Mountains.  This was a singing and dancing performance.  The bags played a significant role.

 Suona Solo: Happy Happenings.  A four string guitar like instrument.
Sichuan Opera Puppetry: A Fish Fairy in the Garden. This was a marionette and she told a story about a fish fairy.  She also came into the audience and "shook hands" with people. The artist did an incredible job controlling the puppet's hands and she was able to swirl a scarf and grab the long trailing feathers.
Yi Ethnic Song and Dance: Ah Mo Girls.  Song and dance with umbrellas.
 A local chorus sang "Descendants of the Dragon" and "Seeking Blossoms in the Snow".
 Guzheng Duet: Fragrant Jasmine.  String instruments.
 Classic Solo Dance: The Beauty of the Tang Dynasty.  The dancers in the "sleeve dance" have long sleeves to swirl around.  I like this dance style and it makes me want to have long sleeves to dance with!
 Acrobatics: Rolling Cups.  This woman was a contortionist and could balance the stacks of cups as she moved around.
Sichuan Opera Stunt: Face Changing.  It is fascinating to watch this.  The photos are poor but I wanted to mention these performers.  They swirl the cloak over their face and their mask changes.  I also recognized the blue headdress from a visit to Dalian in May, 2013.  (Click here to see the Dalian post.)

Tibetan Song and Dance: Ballad of Prosperity.  Long sleeve dancing in a group.
 The group posed for a group photo.
It was a delightful concert and I am so glad that I attended.

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