Sunday, June 9, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona - Leonardo Da Vinci The Genius

A friend and I attended the last day of the Da Vinci The Genius traveling exhibit at the Arizona Science Center.  No photos allowed, so all that I can do is to tell you that this is an incredible exhibit about an incredible man.  There are prototypes of some of his inventions, and a hands-on section that makes it all come to life. Good thing that a middle school student stopped to tell me that the little graphics indicated which exhibits you could touch and which ones were hands off.  There were about ten "inventions" and improvements on inventions that you could work with.  Very cool, to say the least.

All of the engineering skills were quite amazing.  Many of his drawings were in large scale on the walls, and there were even a few examples of his notebooks shown.  But nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, could compare with the analysis work, diagrams and larger than life versions of the Mona Lisa.

Check out the exhibition and make sure to attend when it comes to your city.  Don't wait until the last gets quite crowded.  We were there when it opened so got a jump on the kids and parents.  Oh, and try to stand by an engineering dad explaining this stuff to his child.  It is informative and if the child doesn't ask questions, you can!

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