Friday, April 29, 2011

London - Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar Meal #1

The Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar is next door to the Lime Tree Hotel, right on the corner of Ebury and Elizabeth.  The restaurant opens at 6:00 PM and is full by 8:00 PM. I highly recommend reservations.  Prices listed below are in euros.  

Ebury Restaurant, on the right.

We started the evening with a few martinis (7.25 e) and a glass of Chenin Blanc (5.10 e) in the bar. We were able to chat with a couple of other patrons, have a few laughs and then move to the restaurant section. 

There are two sections of the restaurant.
This is the restaurant area. The wine bar area is up the few stairs.

The name used to be "Ebury Wine Bar & Restaurant" but there appears to be confusion with another bar with the similar name. They are in the process of changing it to "Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar" to highlight the restaurant side of the business.  They should. The chef is awesome.

I am a fan of the fixed price menus, so we'll give this one a try.  The three course meal was 22.00 euros.
The complementary glass of champagne works well for me also.

Started with "Dressed Crab and Celeriac Remoulade"
Good crab. I could have eaten a bowl of this.  I like the red and green leaves, too.

Cream of Asparagus soup with Hazelnut Oil 
(I think that the oil swirl is a clever way to jazz up a soup.)

Side of bread (extra 3 euros)

Decided to try a bottle of Syrah with dinner. (18.50 euros)


Grilled beef tournedos with duchess potatoes,
carrot moussiline, shallot and Madeira sauce.
Nice tastes, actually very tasty.  The potatoes were lightly browned, and this is a nice way to dress up carrots.

Strawberry Charlotte with Chantilly creme.
Ok, I admit that I got this for the Chantilly creme.  
Good with just enough cake and berry taste.

We also added a cup of coffee for 2.30 euros.  The full meal came to 102.30 euros and includes any taxes.  A "optional" 12.5% service charge is put on the bill, so that added 12.79 for a grand total of 115.09 euros. We took about 2.5 hours to enjoy the meal, the staff was marvelous and attentive, for an overall great night.  We also made new best friends with the table of four next to us.  (We are now "Friends" on Facebook. I love it!!)  Terry gave me his lapel flag pin with the British and US flag.  All I could say, as I was fighting back the travel tears, was "How thoughtful.  Thank you.".  It is forever on my ScottEVest travel jacket.  


Info per TripAdvisor:
  • Cuisines: Bar, Grill, Contemporary, English, Seafood, Steakhouse
  • Neighborhood: Westminster/Belgravia
  • 139 Ebury StreetLondon SW1W 8NAEngland
  • (020)-7730-5447

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Ginan said...

What a great meal and wonderful experience. Perhaps you need to consider bringing give away items on your next trip. Get a bunch of pins and wear one at a time to give away. A great gesture to take something off that you're wearing and give it to someone!