Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sauce in Scottsdale

Went to Sauce with Karl and Coco after French class. This is a Fox Concept Restaurant, a group specializing in "boutique" restaurants. This is at the Scottsdale Waterfront near Nordstrom's in Scottsdale. Kalen has eaten and recommended the Macaroni and Cheese. He has been here several times and brought his Grandmother Jane to enjoy the Mac and Cheese. I think that she was surprised at the taste. I will have to come back with him because we had pizza instead.

A large menu is posted on the wall as you enter the restaurant. Orders are placed at the two cash registers in front of the wine bar. The hostess explained a few things about their specials (of which NONE applied to what we wanted to order) and took our order. She was kind enough to split the tab into three sections so that we could pay individually. We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and they gave us three chilled glasses to take to the table.

Ahh, now for the food. We decided to order two 12" Gourmet Think Crust Pizzas. The Sausage and Carmelized Onions was wonderful for $9.50. The Chicken Caesar and Parmasan was also $9.50 and looked like a salad dumpted on the pizza crust, with wonderful shave slices of parmasan cheese. It was actually quite good. The wine was light and fresh and chilled. The main person (the guy who floated around the tables asking how we were doing) refilled the wine glasses and poured full glasses, which set off a conversation about how bad it was to do that since the wine stays chilled better if it is allowed to remain in the bottle. Lesson learned! We finished both pizzas, and I doubt that we would have been satisfied to split just one. The conversation was the best part of the meal, as we tried our best to discuss summer vacation plans in French and it sounded very fluent to me. I must admit that my French is better with a little wine.

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