Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mustangs and Massage - Aji Spa at Wild Horse Pass

G mentioned some time ago that she would like to start riding horses again. So when I saw the listing for "Mustangs and Massage" at Aji Spa, I knew that it was a good pick.

This information is from the website:
Spend the morning on horseback in search of the 1,500 Wild Horses that roam the Gila River Indian Community and enjoy an afternoon of luxurious pampering with this one of a kind package offered at Aji Spa. Cowboys from the Equestrian Center will greet you on horseback for a 1.5 hour ride through ancient tribal lands where descendents of the Spanish El Conquistador’s noble Mustangs roam free. Keep an eye for a rare view of these amazing wild animals before returning to the spa. Indulge in the sanctuary of Aji Spa for the rest of the day while enjoying a saddle-soothing 50-minute full body massage (excludes Watsu) and delicious lunch at Aji Cafe.

We started the morning with a 9AM ride. We were part of a group of about 8 women, so our guide had his hands full. He was from Pima/Maricopa Tribe and his brother owned the stables. He lead the way through the desert, pointed out the wild mustangs on the property and discussed other desert flora and fauna. He kept a sharp eye out for things that would cause the horses to spook (such as SNAKES) and the ride was delightfully uneventful.

My horse, Jessie, liked to be in the lead so she always kept trying to get to the front of the line next to the guide. Cowboy Roger noted that horses tend to take on the personality of the riders.

Was that directed at me?

When we returned, we jumped into the pool for our mid-morning chat. We ordered our poolside meal and decided to share: Pasilla Flat Bread Pizza with Anchiote Chicken made with Pepicha Basil Pesto, Oven Roasted Chicken Tenders, Sweet Onions, Roasted Peppers & Mexican Cheeses spiked with Ancho Pepper Aioli. We also ordered flat breads with assorted dips and spreads. All were excellant.
Ginan is my CMO...Chief Motivation Officer. She does a lot to keep me headed forward and has become a huge supporter for the 3 Day Walk. So, as I was trying to lay on the couch in the evening to watch a DVD about Andy Warhol (we will be at the museum in July), we took a break so that I could get my 3 Miles in for the day. It was tough as I was exhausted from the day's activities. But off we went, down the Old Cross Cut Canal parkway that runs along side 48th Street. 3 full miles, and I am very happy to have kept up with my training plan. Obviously she didn't think that 1.5 hours on horseback was enough for the day.

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Ginan said...

Another great spa day. The facilities were very nice and made for an enjoyable time. I'm glad to be able to motivate Ladee in to doing a walk when neither of us really wanted to. We were both glad afterwards that we did it.