Thursday, December 13, 2007

Package arrives

The package arrived from my sister. I have been waiting to see this engineering feat after she told me the story about the shipping episode.

Here is an excerpt from her email:

The guy in the store was a 30 something tattooed dude (all over his head and neck – I didn’t look anywhere else) that I learned that he was the owner’s son. I was watching him in the back struggling to find a box that would fit, so he came back up front and asked me if I would have a concern with what the box would look like. I told him no, just as long as it gets to you I didn’t care what the box was and that he could reuse some boxes that he had lying around (again, better for the environment). Well, he took it to heart and found a box, put the stuff in, slit the box down the sides a few inches, then folded them in to form a shorter box, then taped the heck out of it. It looks like crap. He had it half way done and turned around to look at something up front and saw the look on my face (half shock, half laughter wanting to tell you the story). He asked “Is this ok?” I just said “Sure” and he went on, all proud of his engineering ability.

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Anonymous said...

Ladee - can you see what a great job my tatt'ed mail jockey did? He re-engineered the heck out of that box and also taped the heck out of it. Glad it got there in all of its glory...