Sunday, December 2, 2007

Jim's Surprise Party

Belated Happy Birthday to Jim! This was a wild west cookout and party in the desert at 136th Street and Dynamite Road. Janie had planned this for earlier in the year, but due to a family emergency the party was postponed. Friends and family all gathered at 3PM on Sunday to drive out to the outlying area of Scottsdale. Hosted by a friend of the family, we all joined in on the western fun with horses, cactus and a great clear sky. Jim was certainly surprised when he arrived in a horse drawn wagon to a "small gathering of friends" that turned out to be a crowd gathered in his behalf. Great job, Janie!!

Lined around a huge bonfire were about 10 Dutch ovens, cooking everything from appetizers to chicken and peach cobbler for desert. The ovens were placed on coals, and more coals were put on the lid. The orchestration of rotating the ovens (HOT ovens), and making coffee, all while telling outrageous (but true) cowboy stories made a fun night for all.

Jim saunters up to the table to get his fill of chicken, potatoes, beans, onions and other delights. Dinner was followed by an all star performance of "Oklahoma" , and country western dancing with lessons given by a favorite dance instructor. Jim learned the Arizona Two-Step and weaved his way around the dance floor.

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