Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wildflower Cafe

I know that this is a chain, but it still has a nice charm and good food. I've stopped here twice: once for lunch and once for breakfast. The breakfast frittata is small and the bread is good. Lunch was awesome. I had a tropical caesar salad with melons and papaya. There were some carmelized nuts also and it a nice combination. The seating is large enough to comfortably fit four people per table and they had a few larger settings for more people.

The one I visited was on Indian School Road west of 44th Street on the North side of the street. The photo doesn't show much because I was just demonstrating my camera and not really thinking about writing about the restaurant. But, it certainly deserves mention and recommendation. It is one of the new restaurants moving into this area of town. These are much needed as I sometimes feel that there weren't enough choices.

Parking - good
Service - Order in line and they bring it to the table

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