Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gilbert, Arizona - Birds at Gilbert Riparian Observatory

I attended a presentation with Lisa Langell, a local wildlife photographer. The title of her presentation was "How to Avoid the 7 Key Mistakes Wildlife Photographers Make".  She is lively and engaging. Her PowerPoint presentation was filled with examples of her own work with the "mistakes" and the joyous results.

I went back to my February 2013 photographs taken at the Gilbert Riparian Observatory.  Yes, I made all of those mistakes. The big one was that I went from place to place to take photos instead of quietly finding a spot to watch the activity and learn the action of the birds.  I decided to process the photos and post them on line so that I could compare the "mistakes" with future photographs (given that I am adaptable enough to learn.)  These are plain and uneventful....  Birds are in the  middle...just standing there.  And one final comment...I need a bigger lens if I am going to do this more often.  No comments necessary.  This is my "draw the line in the sand" post.

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