Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dallas - and the Pie and Tart class

Fun time with my sister! She was attending a Basic Pie and Tart cooking class at Central Market in Dallas, so I joined her. To start with, Central Market is a pretty amazing place. It is a cross between a gourment grocery store and an organiz store. Many selections of great things. I was able to take a few photos before they asked me to put away the camera, so you are pretty lucky to get this view. This is the bread line, and some of the beautiful cakes and pastries.
The cooking class was on the second floor. There was a classroom setting, and then room for all of us to work in the kitchen. Our selections were to focus on basic pie crust, pate brisee, and pate sucre. The crusts run from our regular flaky pie crust, to one that is a little wetter, to one that is just loaded with butter, sugar and all things wonderful. [more updates later]

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Anonymous said...

Glad you came to visit me in Dallas! It was a fun time and a good class. Central Market is a gem - grocery shopping as an event. Ginan