Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tempe, Arizona - A Rare Foggy Morning

It was a delight to awaken to a foggy morning.  We have had a few days of light rain, and with the perfect conditions...fog rolled in.  I drove to Tempe Town Lake and walked from the Tempe Arts building to the Mill Avenue bridge sets.  I normally produce the photographs in color, but these begged to be black and white.

The Pedestrian Bridge by Tempe Arts building.

 The walkway surrounds the lake.
 Ducks on the water.

 There were several photographers out to capture the fog.  This man said that he grabbed his camera and dashed out the door, shouting over his shoulder "Honey, I will probably be late for church!"

 A panoramic.
 The birds sat on the buoys.  They were there early to get the seats to watch the people take pictures!

 Rowing on the lake.
 There were serious fishers.
 One lone pole.
 Railroad and Light rail bridges.
 I continued walking to see the Mill Avenue bridges.

 They thought that they had a secluded spot for a serious chat.
 Santa Monica look-alike?
 This makes me want to learn how to crew. (Cambridge look-alike?)
 Pittsburgh look-alike?
 I bet this father couldn't wait for his son to become old enough to join in on the skateboard outings.

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